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Rates for Deer Processing at Anstead's Market

(Prices subject to change without notice!)

"The freshness of your goodies depends on the promptness of your pick-up."

deer meat processing chart for venison cuts
Basic Processing (Cut wrapped & frozen) $80.00
Basic Processing - We cape (Cut wrapped & frozen) $110.00
Returned Hide (You want to keep the hide) $15.00
All Burger - Plain (Ground wrapped & frozen) $65.00
With Beef Fat Added Add .20/pound
With Bacon or Pork Added Add .30/pound
With Sausage Seasoning Add .30/pound
All Burger with one extra cut. $70.00
All Salami (De-boned) $50.00
plus price per stick.
Salami - Regular Add $12.00 per stick
Salami - Jalapeno &/or Cheese Add $14.00 per stick
Salami - Bacon/Cheddar Add $14.00 per stick
Deer Jerky (BBQ, Sweet & Hot, or Teriyaki) $12.00/pound dry weight
Hunter's Sausage Sticks Three Pound Bag $15.00
Christmas Sticks Per Stick $4.00
Ring Bologna (Regular or Pickled) $5.00 Per Ring
Stew Meat (Cut entire deer into stew meat) $10.00 Additional
Custom Grinding $25.00 Additional
All Cubed $5.00 Additional
All Sliced $5.00 Additional

Also available: Vacuum pack, Lunch meat, & bratwurst.

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